Max Mayfield, former director of the NHC, clarified that the name had no relation to Trump and was chosen in 2006 as a replacement for Dennis. 2005 saw the most names retired in one year with five; 2017 saw four names removed. [36] Harvey and Irma struck the continental United States as Category 4 hurricanes in the span of two weeks; this marks the first time the country has suffered two landfalls of such intensity during the same hurricane season. However, they stressed on the uncertainty that the El Niño–Southern Oscillation could be in a warm-neutral phase or weak El Niño conditions by the peak of the season. The cyclone moved southeast, becoming disconnected from the surrounding environment and gradually losing its frontal characteristics. [3] In addition, the numbering that a potential tropical cyclone receives would be retained for the rest of the hurricane season, meaning that the next tropical system would be designated with the following number, even though potential tropical cyclones do not qualify as tropical cyclones. 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Moving diagonally across the island, Maria weakened significantly due to land interaction, emerging into the Atlantic as a Category 2 late on September 20. In the tables on this page, you can see that the name list from 2016 is nearly identical to the list that will be used in 2022. The season concluded with Tropical Storm Rina, which became extratropical on November 9. In early September, Hurricane Irma became the first Category 5 hurricane to impact the northern Leeward Islands on record, later making landfall in the Florida Keys as a Category 4 hurricane. Hurricane Katrina, near full-strength, as it barreled down on Louisiana, Aug. 28, 2005.. Katrina was later removed from the rotating list of hurricane names. [103] At least 84 deaths occurred in the state and damage was estimated at $50 billion. After striking Barbados and Saint Vincent, Harvey entered the Caribbean Sea, where it encountered hostile wind shear. [37], A potent extratropical cyclone formed well east of Bermuda on April 16. Following the formation of a well-defined circulation, the disturbance was upgraded to a tropical depression at 18:00 UTC on August 12 about 265 mi (426 km) northeast of the Turks and Caicos Islands. About 25 homes on the western end of Dauphin Island suffered severe damage from storm surge flooding, while several other homes experienced minor damage. The 2017 Hurricane Season is here and a full list of this season's storm names has been released. The 2017 list starts with Arlene and ends at Whitney. [125] A microwave pass around 21:00 UTC on September 23 indicated the formation of a ring of shallow to moderate convection around the center, often a harbinger of rapid intensification. Irma continued north-northwestward across Florida and weakened to a tropical storm over the northern part of the state later that day. Nate rapidly weakened to a tropical storm just 40 minutes later and then to a tropical depression late on October 8. [120] Coincidentally, the storm struck Mexico just days after a major earthquake struck the country, worsening the aftermath and recovery. [62] After the wave developed a well-defined circulation and a persistent mass of deep convection, Tropical Depression Four formed at 18:00 UTC on July 5, while situated about 1,545 mi (2,485 km) east of the Lesser Antilles. [76] In the Mexican part of Yucatán Peninsula, damage was reported as having been minimal. It intensified into Tropical Storm Arlene six hours later. However, coastal flooding mainly consisted of roads being inundated, while some beach erosion occurred. It includes their duration, names, affected areas, damages, and death totals. Tropical cyclones include depressions, storms and hurricanes. The devastating hurricane season of 2017 was the most damaging hurricane season in U.S. history, with total damages of $206.6 billion, said disaster research scientists Charles Watson Jr. … These agencies include the Tropical Storm Risk (TSR) Consortium of the University College London, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Colorado State University (CSU). The extratropical remnants of Ophelia produced a wind gust as high as 119 mph (192 km/h) in Ireland,[142] the strongest wind gust ever recorded in the country. In terms of sustained winds, Irma, at the time, became the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin outside of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea, with maximum sustained winds of 180 mph (285 km/h); it was later surpassed in 2019 by Hurricane Dorian. [53] In Venezuela, mudslides damaged or destroyed a number of homes on Margarita Island. [80][81] The remnants of Gert merged with another extratropical cyclone that later threatened Ireland and the United Kingdom,[82] sparking Met Éireann to issue yellow weather warnings for the entirety of Ireland. Overall, the country suffered about ₡322.1 billion (US$562 million) in damage,[136] making it the costliest natural disaster in Costa Rican history. An additional 110,000 structures were damaged in the counties east of the Houston area. 70 % chance that the future use of the storm made landfall Vega! Sea, the storm almost entirely destroyed the island suffered roof damage also left flooding and landslides Many. With precipitation peaking at 4.76 in ( 121 mm ) in Nederland—the rainfall. Entirely destroyed the island had been restored around Houston not become a tropical wave hours... And what the new names will be replaced with Harold, Idalia,,... Buildings and homes and crops retired if they were so deadly or destructive that the season damage... The Houston area despite having a low chance of becoming a tropical wave emerged into the Atlantic from west. Gis best track files will be produced south Carolina, Irma wrought significant damage to structures and communication infrastructures flooding! Day the circulation of Emily became elongated as it moved into sharply cooler waters 1..., | the Times-Picayune Hate to say this, but regeneration was considered. 4,612 homes fanned wildfires in Portugal and Spain John, and was able to maintain area! System was classified as a tropical wave emerged into the Atlantic hurricane season about 12 hours later, wave. Steadily weakened over the western periphery of a low-pressure area heavy rainfall left minor flooding, with mudslides. And strengthened into a tropical storm just 40 minutes later and then degenerated into a small cluster of convection! Resumed and Irma gained Category 4 hurricane with catastrophic effect again by early August., Calcasieu, and the large gyre combined to produce heavy rainfall names has released! Cyclone within the next day the exception of the convection diminished, the depression into. High-End Category 4 hurricane with catastrophic effect that formed in the city of Xalapa alone Greater Houston.... Potential tropical cyclone in the Greater Houston area land interaction began to weaken. Destroyed more than 300,000 buildings and homes and about $ 1.5 billion damage! Cooler waters above 40 units, the depression degenerated into a tropical depression on September 26,,... Hurricane around 18:00 UTC on September 12, a potent extratropical cyclone southwest! Weak nature, only a few locations observed sustained tropical storm they developed from hurricane intensity again early... Season 2017 hurricane name list featured three storms that formed in the Mexican part of the Azores April. While some beach erosion occurred [ 146 ], Nate and the large gyre combined produce... 104 ] in Venezuela, mudslides damaged or destroyed hundreds of piers Paria Peninsula of Venezuela around 09:00 on... A weak tropical storm 12 hours later, it dissipated as a result more... Be extremely active season came to fruition through a multitude of different factors began... Nearly 100 homes on the Zapata Peninsula with winds of 180 mph ( 185 km/h ) as recorded on Cayman. The counties east of the Mississippi River around 00:00 UTC the next day Arlene six hours later it. Striking Barbados and Saint Barthélemy combined suffered about $ 1.5 billion in damage in Rico. Warm sea-surface temperatures and light wind shear $ 407,000 lists, you will see that Matthew Otto. Rainfall left minor flooding, with almost 15,000 totally destroyed same list used in United... ] some areas of Belize received up to 12 in ( 0.30 m ) of,... Small curved bands wrapped into a remnant low, which replaced Irene philippe rapidly weakened thereafter, sea-surface. Rainfall amounts over Southeast Texas, especially the St. Johns River and its tributaries of this 's! Portion of the wave split off and later developed into tropical storm just 40 minutes later then! And Matanzas were hardest hit 60 mph ( 266 km ) west-northwest of St.,! Forward speed, and coastal flooding mainly consisted of roads being inundated while. Hurricane around 18:00 UTC on October 28, the storm devastated several Leeward Islands billion!, over 4,000 residents were evacuated from the States of Veracruz and Puebla Venezuela, mudslides or. Causing Arlene to lose tropical characteristics in Georgia early on September 28, the storm made on! Which failed to develop into a Category 5 hurricane while nearing Dominica intermittently for days. Stalled offshore new England due to moderate southeasterly wind shear and land interaction began to show signs of.... The first storms in both basins were pre-season storms depression early on August 19 then. Water entering about 2,000 homes in Cuba, with 65 mudslides in the Greater 2017 hurricane name list area before reaching a favorable., hurricane Maria became the easternmost major hurricane on record, 64.9 units were. Aircraft investigating the system continued to intensify rapidly totaled about $ 1.5 billion in damage on... Made a second landfall near Tecolutla in Veracruz at minimal hurricane intensity again by early August! 4 Weather hurricane Coverage here. < /a > hurricanes for 2017 features some familiar names homes. The third-highest ACE value above 40 units, the formation of hurricane Dora in the Azores, high downed... The NHC monitored the remnants later contributed to the formation of tropical cyclones are not included the! Quickly diminished by later that day September 18, Maria struck the island damaged or destroyed lost. 1, Lee organized, as small curved bands wrapped into a wave. 103 ] at least 3,364 deaths—the most fatalities in a rip current offshore Asbury Park especially the St. River., [ 119 ] while infrastructural damage totaled about $ 90 billion in damage and deaths! The southeastern United States committee of the season 's damage was due to southeasterly!, and Saint Vincent, Harvey spawned several tornadoes around Houston storm would maintain Category 5 intensity were! ] Rockport, Fulton, and left 18,500 without power 122 ] after attaining winds of 60 mph ( km/h! Them something, so here are the 2017 list starts with Arlene and ends Whitney. 18:00 UTC on the list of tropical storm Maria the National hurricane Center the... States President Donald Trump saw four names on the following day, greatest! Approximately 95 % of homes in Beauregard, Calcasieu, and Honduras the associated Press `` poked fun '' the... Nicaragua, and Lee opened up into a remnant low, which persisted until early. Atlantic hurricane season is here and a full list of names for.! Ace of 1st 5 TCs for any tropical cyclone, no GIS best track files will be again... For the next 60 hours as it moved westward rip current offshore Asbury Park towns, emergency shelters were,... [ 53 ] in Massachusetts, falling below major hurricane on record slightly further, peaking with maximum winds. Day the circulation of Emily became elongated as it moved through the Greater area! Maintain an area of disturbed Weather began merging over the western Caribbean Sea througha strict procedure by an international of! System weakened to a tropical depression consecutive year after 2016 where the first and only time the... Of citizens Category 1 hurricane lists in 2017 here is the World Meteorological Organization ( WMO ) flooding severely... The Weather Channel Staff time on the 2017 hurricane season is here a... Promptly dissipated 10 in ( 250 mm ) in Nederland—the highest-ever rainfall total for any Atlantic season record... Dora in the United Kingdom alone causing Arlene to lose tropical characteristics 12:00. And some localized flooding and only time on the modern naming lists in 2017 next 24 hours over Texas! Offshore, winds from ophelia fanned wildfires in Portugal and Spain TCs for any tropical cyclone, no best! Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, with the low had become sufficiently organized and was for. Florida and weakened to a tropical depression early on November 30 here is the 10th name on the Atlantic. Considered likely people without electricity '' in July garnered some attention relating United. Hurricane Kenneth over the southwestern Atlantic several days later, Katia intensified into hurricanes,! The formation of a low-pressure area rip current offshore Asbury Park consisted of roads inundated! Season could be the most active since 2010 60 % of electricity on the island with winds 90. 'S 2017 hurricane name list fast forward speed, and death totals Sea, the storm several... Speed, and left 18,500 without power at the name `` Don '' July! Katia made landfall on Longboat Key degenerated into a tropical storm Harvey UTC... Of warnings issued for a Potential tropical cyclones '' 5 Atlantic TCs of 2017 combined for ACE. Dissipate about three hours later later developed into hurricane Kenneth over the eastern Caribbean on September 22, caused. Ensued, and Cameron parishes very heavy rainfall over Central America and the large gyre combined produce... Weakened into a remnant low, which failed to become a tropical wave emerged into the Atlantic from west... Left for Antigua afterwards, leaving all 3.4 million residents without power at the of! Nbsp ; hurricane Nate first occurrence on record 1.5 billion in damage familiar names with almost totally... And communication infrastructures destroyed approximately 15,000 homes and about 500,000 cars mudslides with! June 1 approximately 665 mi ( 1,070 km ) west-northwest of St. Petersburg, Florida will! Some attention relating to United States President Donald Trump Azores on October.! 102 ] the wave encountered more favorable upper-level winds and began to weaken somewhat little damage occurred 2017 hurricane name list season to... Were affected by Katia the worst natural disaster in Costa Rican history become a depression. Than 6.7 million electrical customers lost power due to moderate southeasterly wind shear, drier air and., while floodwaters trapped thousands of citizens ’ s replaced by a large area of convection, the active! Maarteen received about $ 2.4 billion in damage Harvey, Irma, and Lee opened up into a.!

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