Over the last 13 years he has played with many bands and artists including: Tremedy, Giants Under The Sun, Bellusira, Rob Draper, Spectrum and Alice Tovey & The Apostles. Brett and Dean formed the band in high school. We plan on releasing music that provocates thought and healthy discussion. Clockstop - Insight 3 8. Artists like James Norbit Ivanyi, The Omnific and I Built The Sky come to mind. I’m hoping we can do some intense writing too. Kentucky rockers Black Stone Cherry have released their seventh studio album, The Human Condition. Chris Zoupa is a Melbourne based guitarist, teacher, songwriter as well as part time producer. Træben – Nordic Project . Ideally I would love to watch the Megadeth album ‘Rust in Peace’ from start to finish. Don’t be a sheep. Everyone seems to be trying different things and pushing the envelope in their own unique way. The Rockpit is an online media publication reporting and promoting rock, metal and blues music from Australia and around the world. Personal Life. A passionate metal and rock fan with a keen interest in everything from classic rock to extreme metal and everything between. Any favorite places to play live, highlights or stand out shows? NEVER! I just think this album perfectly sums up who we are as a band and artists RIGHT NOW, but also where we’re going. Watch the music video for Fight […], Melbourne prog band, Teramaze have announced that their new album Are We Soldiers will be released on June 21, 2019 via Mascot Label Group. I think writing constantly is the only thing that keeps any of us sane. The band have just released the second track from the album. Your audience and customers will figure out soon enough that what you’re doing is not genuine. Jarr Records 2012 . I grew up listening to lots of grunge, but my biggest influences that helped me get my guitar chops up and help me stylistically fit into this band would have to be Dream Theater and Megadeth. You’ll want to bring tissues and a neck brace. Death) and likeable gentleman. PRS artist Tim Mahoney … Guitarist who teaches viewers the ropes of metal and hard rock guitar playing on his popular, self-titled YouTube channel. I’m really excited by what music we’ll create with this current line up. We will continue to update information on Chris Zoupa’s parents. It’s really hard when everyone has their favourites… but it’s also a process based on making terrible mistakes. Info. TERAMAZE: Dean Wells- Vocals / Guitars Chris Zoupa- Guitar Andrew Cameron- Bass Guitar Nick Ross- Drums Hard work pays off in the world of music; band after band trying to plant their own flag in whatever scene pertains to their music. What were the main inspirations for “Are We Soldiers”? West Coast Big Band – More Dutch . Expect tightness, beautiful vocals (with harmonies), to be able to cry and mosh your neck and the same time. It’s like if Diana Ross or ABBA collaborated with Disturbed. It feels good to be on the other side in good physical and mental health playing in a band, with healthy (maybe not our Bass Player Andrew/Mr. Teramaze release music video for ‘Fight Or Flight’, Teramaze announce “Are We Soldiers” album, first music video “Weight Of Humanity” released. Over the past 15 years of teaching he has amassed many students and honed his teaching craft into what he calls “The Zoupa Method”. He now has many students from all over the world ranging from England, Ireland, Scotland, USA, Jordan and Mozambique. Fight me. Any favorite moments or songs on the album? It’s been great so far. How has the experience of playing live been like for the band so far? He also plays in alternative rock band Giants Under The Sun, a project he one day hopes will become a commercial success. Enjoy my fun lessons and regular updates! What is the future looking like for Teramaze? Chris Zoupa is famous for being a YouTuber. People get into with seconds. Dean shares demos constantly, we jam quite regularly and I’m always sending phone videos of riffs I write to the guys often captions “yay or nay?” or “is going somewhere?”. $5. The cool thing about prog is that the parameters are pretty loosey goosey. Positives are there’s always live music on somewhere! Current Nathan Peachey - Vocals (2014-2018, 2019-present), Dean Wells - Guitars, Backing Vocals (1993-2006, 2008-present), Chris Zoupa - Guitars (2018-present), … West Coast Big Band – New Dutch . Zoupa Records – 2014 . He now has many students from all over the world ranging from England, Ireland, Scotland, USA, Jordan and Mozambique. No Can Do 10. I really love the double solos in ‘Saviour To Assassin’. Prog Aid – A Bushfire Relief Concert announced featuring Australia’s finest progressive acts. Yvonne Smeets – Under A Cloud . We’ve been playing around our city and more shows are to come. Virtual high 5 from Chris and his heavy metal baby! Sign up to our mailing list to receive all of our latest updates as well as feature content including news, reviews and intrerviews with bands from Australia and around the world. It’s an absolute masterpiece. Do you enjoy the process of creating? With technology changing so much over the last few years and seemingly not slowing, and TV force-feeding us the lowest common denominator, what hope is there for rock & metal music? I mean that in an endearing way. What does it feel like as an artist waiting for the songs you’ve lived with for some time to get released to the fans? Did you imagine how these songs would play out in a live situation? It feels better to release music honestly, with melodies, lyrics and a message you actually believe in. Over the past 15 years of teaching he has amassed many students and honed his teaching craft into what he calls “The Zoupa Method”. Zoupa has been teaching guitar lessons to budding musicians for 10 years now. I’m looking forward to getting more comfortable with the guys and building some more onstage chemistry. Manager, Online Editor, Publicity & Press. These lessons will focus on creating an awareness of scale knowledge as well as usage and practical application and of course the secrets, hacks and short cuts to the many great guitar techniques. 23 talking about this. It’s sexy. There were moments of heaviness from the ‘Esoteric Symbolism’ and ‘Anhedonia’ era, then beautiful orchestrated heartfelt moments from the ‘Halo’ era. Question everything. His lessons on proper technique and tutorials for playing songs like Van Halen’s “Eruption” have brought more than 100,000 subscribers to his channel so far. Tickets […], Melbourne prog band, Teramaze will release their new album Are We Soldiers on June 21, 2019 via Mascot Label Group. The music itself is quite experimental and no one’s “playing it safe”. We are into controversial topics some might say, we just like talking about different topics. MONSTERS! The band ends the recording of Swampsong in the Finnvox studios, released on May 23, 2003. I can hear a lot modern metal like Slipknot and Lamb Of God in a song like ‘Weight Of Humanity’, but hear moments of Jason Becker and Queen in ‘Fight Of Flight’. After the release of ‘Are We Soldiers’ we got heaps of positive feedback and were genuinely pumped to play these live and share them with people properly. Teramaze is a progressive metal band that originated out of Geelong, Victoria on the continent of Australia. It’s brutal. How do you pick out a setlist and is that a difficult process? It’s been great getting the songs out of a bedroom or band practice setting. It just sucks when you’re playing a show and half your fans are at a mate’s bands gig. 01. Be the truest self you can be as an artist. After his work was seen by Australian Guitar Magazine he left Ultimate guitar and focused his energies on regular contributions to the magazine. We demo most of the songs at Dean’s home studio. It’s weird… The excitement comes and goes. 311 Announce 3 Upcoming Livestream Shows! OAP Records OAPR901 . Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle of Filth) releases cover of The Cure’s “Lullaby”, Marty Friedman announces December Australian Tour, Nine/Eight Touring, in conjunction with Heavy Magazine, Behind The Scene, and BHSS are proudly holding ProgAid, a benefit concert for fire victims across Australia featuring some of the nations finest progressive metal and rock acts. Songs like ‘Weight Of Humanity’ and ‘Control Conquer Collide’ talk about the shady government hijinx, as well as the news and media being controlled and untrustworthy. Posted November 4, 2020. Finish Streets Of Rage 2 on Sega Genesis at least once. INSTAGRAM: @Chris ZoupaTWITTER: @czoupashredguyFACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/LearnThatSolo?fref=tsYOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5A0eJ-bgtJddy0rG_prVogPATREON: https://www.patreon.com/chriszoupa, https://www.facebook.com/LearnThatSolo?fref=ts, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5A0eJ-bgtJddy0rG_prVog. Four years later and Teramaze are back with a new album so we grabbed a few words from guitarist Chris Zoupa to find out more on the songs and the future. Is there a sense of excitement or a little panic in there too? But, throughout this book, the focus is on making great music, not simply acquiring knowledge. Wild Bill & The Invisible Men: As Good As It Getz . It’s pretty cool. Like many famous people and celebrities, Chris Zoupa keeps his personal life private. Chris wrote instructional an educational articles for UltimateGuitar.com for 2 years and was a teacher on their instructional app. Code of Conduct 4. West Coast Big Band – More Dutch . Dean is in another band (Meshiaak) and we got to borrow their vocalist Danny, for the bridge in ‘One Percent Disarm’. A great mix of rock and metal and often music that goes on a journey. The Pulse 7. Do you believe music can still change the world? Tell us about the process of writing and recording the new songs for “Are We Soldiers”. Next year is looking like we’ll have some international shows, as well as new collaborations with some amazing artists. Are We Soldiers. 4.73 (7) 2019. This is one of the most moving albums I have heard in some time, and a contender for Album of the Year for sure. The Days The Clock Stopped by TDW, released 04 December 2020 1. INTERVIEW: Chris Zoupa – Teramaze July 21, 2019 Andrew Massie Melbourne prog band, Teramaze have just dropped their their new album “Are We Soldiers” recently, a follow up to ‘Her Halo’, Teramaze’s 2015 album, and their first for Mascot Records which saw the band take a big step up from previous albums ‘Anhedonia’ (2012) and ‘Esoteric Symbolism’ (2014). It gets to the point where you’ve been demoing, recording, editing, producing, culling songs for so long that when they’re done you’re just like “Let’s release this and NEVER talk about it every again!”. Join. Releasing shit you don’t believe in is like going into an Italian restaurant run by Irish people. With many years of live performing and teaching, Chris now wants to create a no nonsense set of lessons to help everyone regardless of technical ability or a high level music theory. All of us in the prog metal scene are deep down, socially awkward dorks. In particular with the Melbourne music scene, what do you think are the positives and negatives of a place that is known as the music capital of the country? TERAMAZE: Dean Wells- Vocals / Guitars Chris Zoupa- Guitar Andrew Cameron- Bass Guitar Nick Ross- Drums Hard work pays off in the world of music; band after band trying to plant their own flag in whatever scene pertains to their music. Clockstop - Insight 2 5. Her Halo. We recently did a show with a 30 minute set that didn’t breathe. Melbourne prog band, Teramaze have just dropped their their new album “Are We Soldiers” recently, a follow up to ‘Her Halo’, Teramaze’s 2015 album, and their first for Mascot Records which saw the band take a big step up from previous albums ‘Anhedonia’ (2012) and ‘Esoteric Symbolism’ (2014). How do you feel about the current music scene right now? It’s kinda weird as our influences are so diverse and silly. Sometimes it takes one album, sometimes it … As far as “muses” go, most riffs of mine are an accident, unless I’ve been given strict parameters like “Hey Chris, write a bridge that changes key from section Q to section R.”. Andrew and I have little mini studios as well so it’s super helpful to be able to write in 3 different houses and send ideas back and forth. We’re really enjoy it. Death and Her Brother Greg 9. A place to learn heaps about rock and metal guitar from a delightful greek/sri lankan man. The band became popular on the Sunset Strip in the mid-1970s, playing in clubs like Whiskey a Go Go>. Being able to create music with the guys in Teramaze inspires me daily as a person and musician… and yes that’s sounds corny but it’s 100% true. It’s gone through many members/lineup changes and the style has really evolved too. 5.36 (8) 2015 . Chris Zoupa’s no-nonsense, common sense guide shows us how to use each mode in its correct context. Chris Zoupa is a Melbourne based guitarist, teacher, songwriter as well as part time producer. In 1976, Gene Simmons of hard rock band Kiss noticed a Van Halen concert and decided to finance their first demo tape. Clockstop - Insight 4 11. The band put out a couple albums in the early years, but it wasn’t until the release of Anhedonia in 2012 that Wells felt the modern version of Teramaze actually began. If enough artists in any field do that, the world “changeable”. A String of Repeats The Days The Clock Stopped is an intensely personal concept album that details a dark trip … I’m really happy with everything we achieved with this album. It just makes me happy every time I hear it. What were some of the things you wanted to achieve with the release? But it does get lonely being a solo artist and YouTuber, so I think there’s a social and mental health aspect of being in a band that’s been really good for all of us. The chorus sounds great with the vocal harmonies too! He brought something really different to the song and we were all stoked the first time we heard it. Make good music, make good clips, play like a boss live. It’s groovey. Not everything is “a keeper” or even a Teramaze song. Chris Zoupa / Teramaze Teramaze was originally formed during lead guitarist/producer Dean Well’s teenage years. It all comes back to sanity. Q&A With Chris Robertson // Black Stone Cherry New Album, The Human Condition Posted November 5, 2020. What are your thoughts on the prog metal scene in Australia? Real/full name: Christopher Zoupa Age: 31 (born Dec 10th, 1986) Place of origin: Australia Gender: Male Listen free to Teramaze – Prog Rock and Metal. Pretty sure no one gives 2 corn riddled turds about TV anymore. What have been your greatest challenges to date, and your favourite moments musically? An arsenal of Youtube lessons for the shredder in all of us. Most of the time you just write and see where it goes. Who or what inspired you to be in a band and play music? Chris Zoupa - Guitar Teacher/Musician/Artist is creating Online Guitar Lessons, Q and As, play throughs of original songs. Chris Zoupa’s mother’s name is unknown at this time and his father’s name is under review. I’m awful with tuning my guitars on demos… I just have an idea and I’m too excited to wait for an instrument to be in tune to get it out of my head! Looking forward to Prog Power in Baarlo in October. Find the sound of the mode (what makes it different; sample songs to listen to) 2. I have been playing music since I was 6. Just a half hour of man power. Everyone is super nice. TERAMAZE’s masterpiece (so far)… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED . To celebrate the announcement the Australian band also released a new video for […], Saxon proudly display their “Inspirations” with new classic covers release, Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith & The Winery Dogs’ Richie Kotzen announce electrifying collaboration, NEW MUSIC: Greta Van Fleet announces new album “The Battle at Garden’s Gate”, The Rockpit Podcast: Episode 24 – Max Cavalera, PJ Farley, Stevie Stoker, TOUR NEWS: Guns N’ Roses announces stadium tour of Australia in 2021, Australia’s premier Rob Zombie tribute – Super Beast, to debut in Perth in January, INTERVIEW: Ricky Warwick (Black Star Riders, Thin Lizzy, The Almighty, Solo Artist), INTERVIEW: Jared Mullins – Holy Roller Baby. We have all had various trauma, and some serious health scares. Clockstop - Insight X 3. Maybe the same way Freddie Mercury and Bob Geldof did, but people still want to be moved and challenged. per month. How does it compare to previous releases? It’s been a constant. Chris’ internet presence and notoriety took off when he started his YouTube channel Chris Zoupa/Learn That Solo, which has is primarily devoted to rock and heavy metal lead guitar and solos. OAP Records OAPR901 . Unabashedly and unashamedly beautiful both lyrically and musically, the key of this band is the method in which they combine powerful and commanding sounds with moments of breathtaking wonder. This tape, known as Gene Simmons Demo , contains unfinished or different lyrics from Van Halen's early songs; however, Kiss's management did not sign with the group>. After the demos come to life and we dub a song “complete”, we start tracking everything properly and meticulously. We caught up with BSC’s guitarist Chris Robertson about the new album, read about it here. We all wrote enough songs “about a girl” when we were 15 haha. Thankfully, 26 year-old Chris Zoupa was able to answer some of my questions. We’ve always aimed to do something different… I know that sounds cliché, but stuff like experimenting with instrumentation, lyrical subject matter etc. Pasi Hiltula, the keyboardist, left the group in early 2004, replaced by Marco Sneck. What were the lyrical themes of the songs? Anything is possible. The band was created in 1993, originally under the name Terrormaze, before the band members converted to Christianity. We’re working on putting together a set with a few more songs that breathe so we can get our our frickin’ breath back! Each chapter is presented in 4 parts: 1. There’s something very triumphant and old school Iron Maiden about it. Once more details are available on who he is dating, we will update this section. I also love Django Reinhardt, Ray Charles, Chopin… I’ll literally listen to anything if there’s a good melody and hooks. Sometimes it takes one album, sometimes it takes more. It gets to band practice and some of the riffs and song arrangements are so all over the place you’re like “Guys, how the jelly buttons are we going to play this live?”. From what you’ve learned so far what is the most valuable advice you’ve been given so far as a musician? We were all winded by the end of it. The album is very well received by fans and group makes several benefits. Sleepless Angels 6. It will be a career highlight for me and the band for shiz. Studio album #7 Australian progressive metal band Teramaze has announced the release of new album "I Wonder" on October 9, 2020 via Wells Music. Select a membership level. What can people expect at a Teramaze live show? Dean Wells (v, g) Chris Zoupa (g) Andrew Cameron (b) Nick Ross (d) Other albums. If you could be a fly on the wall for the recording of any album in history, what album would it be? There’s a lot of great music and crazy talented people out there you just have to put in a bit of work to find them. In this no-nonsense guide to shred guitar, seasoned teacher and YouTube sensation Chris Zoupa cuts through the mystery and misinformation that shrouds guitar technique, and expertly guides you through the essential skills that’ll super-charge your rock guitar playing. Traeben – Push. Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at Last.fm. This album to me, combined some of my favourite aspects of Teramaze. Chris Zoupa – Seventh Dan Counterforce. Are you someone who continually writes or does the best come out under a little gentle pressure? I personally enjoy making dumb faces at Dean and trying to crack him up at difficult sections in songs. Crashscape 2. Ocean Floor 02. … There’s so much hope for Rock and Metal right now! I feel a lot of pop and Metalcore music out now is very safe and formulaic.

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