Check for bends, cracks, or worn threads. 5.Remove the machinery eye bolt … Order) Heavy duty oval stainless steel m4 hook anchor eye bolt Customs Data Price: US $600-880 / Ton 0.9 Tons (Min. In Stock. Stock No. Buy Now. Bagadia Industrial Fasteners. ASTM A47 Ferritic malleable castings intended for general use. 27BDAPK6448N1Z3. Abstract. Metric Swivel Hoist Rings. Lift eye bolts are rated for vertical lifting up to their specified capacity. Always be sure threads on shank and receiving holes are clean. Never machine, grind or cut eye bolt. 3.Thread the eye bolt into the load until the shoulder is flush and securely tightened against the load. ): L>200mm d2 (H9) d3 (max.) Variety of shapes and designs such as DIN standard eye bolts, Collar BS4278 Standard Eyebolts, Long Shank, Dynamo type and Eyebolts with built-in Oval Links. Title of Legally Binding Document: Specification for Eye Bolts with Collars Number of Amendments: Equivalence: Superceding: Superceded by: LEGALLY BINDING DOCUMENT Step Out From the Old to the New--Jawaharlal Nehru Invent a new India using knowledge.--Satyanarayan Gangaram Pitroda Addeddate 2013-09-10 18:56:57 ; Available in a wide range of metric and imperial sizes, aswell as high tensile steel or stainless steel. SPECIFICATION FOR EYE BOLTS WITH COLLARS ( First Revision) 0. If the eye bolt protrudes so far through the load that the nut cannot be tightened securely against the load, use properly sized washers to take up the excess space BETWEEN THE NUT AND THE LOAD. Ensure the eye bolt is bolted down flush to the surface! Shoulder Eye Bolts. Manufactured and plated in same manner as AN3 - AN8 bolts . Find Eyebolts on GlobalSpec by specifications. Starting at: $71.44 . Never use eye bolt if eye or shank is bent or elongated. Starting at: $77.25 . Size (A x Pitch x B) Outside Eye Diameter (C) (mm) Inside Eye Diameter (D) (mm) Overall Length (E) (mm) Shoulder Diameter (H) (mm) Shoulder Thickness (G) (mm) This specification covers the basic requirements and corresponding test methods for forged, quenched, and tempered, alloy steel threaded eyebolts with improved toughness properties and that are chemically and metallurgically constituted to produce a low transition temperature to minimize brittle failure, intended primarily for low temperature applications. Related Articles . Eye bolts (eyebolts) are threaded bolts with a loop or eye at one end. Legend: d1 - the nominal diameter of the thread b - length of the thread (at least) l - length of bolt x1 - thread run d3 - head diameter d2 - diameter of the eye s - head width r - Head radius Eye Bolt, which is a bolt with a loop at one end, is also one of the pipe fittings we made in drop forging process. View More Made from marine grade type 316 stainless steel, these Stainless Steel Lag Eye Screw - Non-Welded highly resistant to corrosion and staining. 2" x 4" SAE Shoulder Machine Eye Bolt : End of Results : Related Products . If the sample achieves this value the test result shall be marked as “OK”. Eye bolts that are grade 316 feature three different eye types and all use the Standard unit of measurement. White Color and Yellow Color Eye Bolt, Small Stainless Steel Eye Bolts with Brass Plating, High Duty Wood Eye Screws Price: US $0.019-0.25 / Set 50000 Pieces (Min. Intermediate and longer sizes also available. Fool-proof compared with common DIN eye bolts by: Shape: Octagonal means quality class 8 Identification: a Distinct indication of WLL for the most unfavourable case (lateral load - not allowed with DIN 580). Starting at: $1.13 . 1/4" size only, electro-galvanized after threading. A bolt is a type of threaded hardware fastener that is used to position two workpieces in specific relation to each other. s (max.) Product description. Order) We stock a wide range of stainless steel eye bolts, including long shank, swing gate bolts, wood screw with lag thread, and high tensile lifting eye bolts, heavy duty. Manufacturer of Gland eye bolt , in MS , CS , SS , SS 304 , SS 316 , MONEL 400 , INCONEL., Product Description: To match with the varying necessities of the customers, we are captivated in offering a comprehensive assortment of Gland Eye Bolt. Shanks 10 inches or longer are threaded 4 inches. Eye bolts will be furnished with either drilled or undrilled … Crosby® 405 Lifting Eyes Crosby® 405 Lifting Eyes > Pad Eyes. VASAI EAST, Vasai, Thane, Maharashtra. Inspect and clean the eye bolt threads and the hole. Starting at: $2.65 . U-Bolt-It supplies Forged Shoulder Eye Bolts are designed for both angled lifting and vertical lifting and has to be installed completely flush with the mounting surface. Never use eye bolt that shows signs of wear or damage. An eyebolt, also known as a lifting eye, is a bolt with a loop at one end. The eyebolt has a threaded shank or rod which is securely screwed into a structure. Once the bolt is secured in place, ropes or cables can be anchored to or fed through the protruding loop (eye). The eye bolt must be of fully screwd in to achieve a perfect contact between the two mating faces. Eye Bolts (eyebolts) and Eye Nuts (eyenuts) are also commonly known in the lifting industry as lifting eyes. Call 08048737760 41% … Suncor Stainless provides two grades of stainless steel eye bolts; 304 and 316. ASTM A48 Gray iron castings intended for general use. Eye Bolt M8 x 80mm Metal Thread AISI 316 -Imperial closest equivalent 5/16 inches (7.9375mm) x 3 1/4 inches (82.55mm)Miami Stainless M8 x 80mm Eye Bolts are made from high quality forg.. Add to Cart Add to Wish List Compare this Product Quickview. Shoulder nut eye bolts are available in a variety of materials. These lifting eye bolts correspond to standard sheet DIN 580. A bolt is specifically designed to be used with a mating, internally threaded hole or nut, which will maintain the bolt's alignment as well as the material's position on the bolt. Fabory offers the best buy of Lifting eye bolts metric Delivery within 48 hours Payment on invoice 100.000+ products in stock The eye bolt shall be tested to this value. Ideal for marine rigging. ASTM F3125 New, unified structural bolt specification replacing A325, A325M, A490, A490M, F1852, and F2280; Casting / Forging Specifications. Manufacturer of Eye Bolts - Stainless Steel Eye Bolts, Glend Eye Bolts, Lifting Eye Bolts and Steel Eye Bolt offered by Bagadia Industrial Fasteners, Vasai, Maharashtra. Such eye bolts are designed to attach a securing eye to a structure and then tie to ropers or cables. Metric Swivel Lifting Key Eye Points. China Eye Bolt Specification, Eye Bolt Specification from China Supplier - Find Variety Eye Bolt Specification from eye bolt ,sleeve anchor eye bolt ,stainless steel eye bolt, Pumps Suppliers Located in China, Buy Eye Bolt Specification Made in China on ASTM A536 Castings made of ductile iron, also called spheroidal or nodular iron. GST No. Forged, tempered and 100% crack detected. Looking for Lifting eye bolt with CE marking DIN 580 Steel C15E Plain forged M12? Install the shoulder at … Product card Technical library; Approvals and reports. ASTM A489 - Standard Specification for Carbon Steel Lifting Eye Bolts. ASTM A489 covers two types of lifting eye one denoting shank patter and other denoting shank length as defined in ANSI / ASME B18.15. Assembly Safety: Never … Crosby® 264 Pad Eyes Crosby® 264 Pad Eyes > Quic-Align. World's most popular all-purpose expanding shield anchor - eye bolt version. Features and benefits. The eye is used to anchor a cable, rope or chain. They're used as anchor eye bolts for routing or tying down wire and cable. M6 118 - - 6 14 7 M8 1,25 22 28 - 8 18 9 M10 1,5 26 32 - 10 20 12 M12 1,75 30 36 49 12 25 14 M16 238 44 57 16 32 17 M20 2,5 46 52 65 18 40 22 M24 354 60 73 22 45 25 M27 360 66 79 25 50 27 Always inspect eye bolt before use. Eye Bolt With Collar - ALL SIZES . For multiple samples, if the samples all pass they shall be marked as OK. Eye bolts have a shank for anchoring to structures or equipment and a ring for attaching rope, hooks, or other hardware. The grade 304 stainless steel eye bolts are wire formed and feature welded and unwelded eye types in Standard and Metric units of measurement. Minimum tensile strength 125, 000 PSI . Find Bolts on GlobalSpec by specifications. ): L≤125mm b (min. If the samples breaks below this value, the actual value achieved shall be marked on the results. Order today! Eye Bolt is removed from a threaded hole, it is recommended that the surface adjacent to the threaded hole be marked with the thread type and size and a plug be inserted into the threaded hole, or that other equally effective action be taken to reduce the possibility of mismatching threads. Eye Bolts Nut Eye Bolts. Ensure the tapped hole for a screw eye bolt (body bolts) has a minimum depth of one-and-a-half times the bolt diameter. The eye is designed for attachment of such devices as a turnbuckle fork, a clevis or a cable shackle. ): 125mm Eye Nuts. The following guidelines of lifting eye bolts DIN 580 the have to be observed in addition to the load values given in the above table. This specification covers weldless forged, quenched and tempered carbon steel threaded lifting eyes or eyebolts for overhead lifting. Screw the eye bolt on all the way down and properly seat. Imperial DIN 580 Eye Bolts. Avoid twisting movements during transport. ASTM A193 Grade B7 Specification for high tensile bolts, screws, stud bolts, threaded rods, anchor bolts and other externally threaded fasteners, made from heat-treated chromium-molybdenum alloy steel grades such as 4140, 4142, 4145, 4140H, 4142H, and 4145H in SAE & AISI classification. Zoom and see all. Forged 1030 Carbon Steel Hot Galvanized** Plain Pattern A D. C B. NUT EYE BOLT SPECIFICATIONS Length of thread approximately four times the diameter of shank. U-Bolt-It carries an extensive selection of eye bolts for various applications including rod ends, safety swivel hoist rings, pad eyes, and open & closed eye bolts. Crosby® 400 Eye Nuts Crosby® 400 Eye Nuts > Lifting Eyes.

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