Check the video below if you want to learn how to use the bakers % function: . The removable, strong stainless steel platform, programmable auto on and off feature, precise readability, adjustable backlight feature, easy to read backlight LCD display, and so much more. MyWeigh KD-7000: Rose Levy Beranbaum’s scale of choice (and mine too). All in all, MyWeigh KD8000 is a perfect bakers scale. The Winners, at a Glance All the Bells and Whistles: OXO Stainless Steel Scale With Pull-Out Display. However, this scale works flawlessly and it’s perfect for professional bakers and amateurs alike. It isn’t what you could do with bigger and bulky scales. Another customer loves how the scale performs. All you need is to have a proper storage for it so this could last longer than your previous scales. This is why the product is a must-have for all professional or aspiring bakers. Not only bigger digits on the display are visible always even when the light turns off, yet its position makes it possible for you to look at the display always, though the big bowl and tray are placed on its platform. If you want to know why it is recommended by many bakers, here are some of the features you may enjoy once you start using it: If you had to rush to the stores to purchase double A batteries in the middle of weighing your ingredients, you won’t have this issue with this scale. It does not even need batteries to operate. 1. //

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