So do you feel the need for Nikon, or are you already sold on Sony? When we take a look at the color tones, I prefer the warmer tones on the Nikon opposed to the Sony, which has a cooler tone. The Z6 offers wireless tethering but you need to purchase the optional WT-7 wireless transmitter and Camera Control Pro2 software. It’s also quite true that Nikon took some ergonomic inspiration from the Sony A7-series cameras, with the two having surprisingly similar layouts.Still, the nitty-gritty details of th… On balance, the Sony A7 III and Nikon Z6 are relatively well-matched in their specifications. • Sony A7 III: 24.2 megapixel full frame Exmor R CMOS sensor (35.6x23.8mm) and Bionz X processor. However, the downside is that if you have a collection of Nikon F format lenses already, you’ll need to invest in an optional ‘FTZ’ adapter. There are 29 products, including telephoto lenses such as the 200-600mm and 600mm f4 which means that Sony is closing the gap with its DSLR competitors. The Z6 comes with 5 function buttons, with two of them being at the front near the mount. Resolution: 24 MP . While battery life is much better on the Sony, as is its AF system, which may make it the preferred tool for sports and action photographers despite a marginally less swift burst rate than the Nikon, in many regards the cameras are fairly evenly matched. The day that Sony comes out with a better design will be the day that there won’t be much left to criticise about the A7 series at all. When you open the RAW files, the Nikon image can appear either more or less sharp depending on the software used and the settings that are loaded by default. Once again, the default values with the same colour profile show a completely different rendering for the two RAW files. The mirrorless Nikon Z6 offers full frame uncropped 4K video, down-sampled from oversampled 6K, up to an actual maximum of 29.97fps. The Nikon’s monitor here boasts a resolution of over 2.1 million dots and delivers a commendable life-like image; whether in stills capture or video mode. That being said, I’ve used SD cards for many years and I’ve never had serious problems with regards to the size or build quality, so it’s probably more psychological than anything else. Will the D5 be able to hold its own against the new kids on the block – or will it be crushed? The new Nikon Z6 vs the Sony A7III. I prefer the organisation of the Nikon menu as well. In single autofocus, the A7 III can be a bit slower than the Z6 because it often prioritises contrast detection, especially when a small focus area is selected. This can happen on the A7 III as well but it’s more rare, especially when using a good adapter such as the Metabones Mark V or the Sigma MC-11. The Z6 proved a formidable performer when put through its paces for sports and wildlife, and Nikon’s first attempt at eye detection is very good. As noted at the outset, on the mirrorless Z6 debuts a new lens mount, on which the flange to sensor distance is just 16mm, which is a good degree shorter than the regular Nikon F mount. Its performance of just 310 frames from a fully charged cell does look particularly disappointing, however, when rated against the Sony’s, which manages up to 710 shots – more than double the Nikon’s – if using primarily that camera’s LCD. Below you can see the Z6 and A7 III sensor size comparison. One of the mild controversies that’s dogged the Z6 since launch is that it offers just one media card slot and is wholly reliant on XQD cards only. 30 MP . The brand implemented the time-lapse feature via firmware update so hopefully more stuff will come in the future. AKASO Brave 7 gives vloggers total control over video production, OneGo Backpack: stylish for professionals wherever, whenever, It's official! Landscape (Dynamic Range) 14.3 Evs. review Apr 28, 2020 at 13:00. The first thing we notice is that the Nikon image is brighter, has more contrast and more vibrant greens. Should you also want to add a degree of robustness and balance to the Z6, look at the optional Nikon MB-N10 grip, which, as with the Sony A7 III, can further extend its camera’s battery life. Sports (Low-Light ISO) 3730 ISO. Nikon Z6 vs Sony a7 III – SD Card and Battery Life. So, to get a sense of which camera will best fit your own particular needs, read on! To test the stabilisation, I take about 10 pictures at different shutter speeds, not only to see how far I can go but also to see how consistent the performance is. They both use an OLED panel that is 0.5in wide and has a refresh rate of 60Hz. Read why the XQD card is actually beneficial over the dual SD cards. Get the best camera deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable photography news and more! This can occasionally result in some slight image lag or blurring. By contrast the Sony on paper looks the weaker contender in ‘only’ managing 10fps – but that’s impressive by any standards and is, in fact, double the speed of its Mark II predecessor. Scores; Specifications ... Landscape (Dynamic Range) 14.7 Evs. On the A7 III it works with USB, and you can connect to a FTP server via Wifi. The Z6 controversially features just the one XQD memory card slot – whereas a second slot for more common SD card may have been useful. The fastest speed but live view doesn’t stylish for professionals wherever, whenever, just! Slots, the Sony version has a maximum burst speed of 12fps, which a. Auto while balance in a mixed scene of shades and light a headphone output being resistant. A9Ii and pit it against the Nikon body such as capture one offer USB support without... Lens cameras that are equipped with a variety of lenses for this comparison image is,... It against the Nikon really shines is in terms of 5-axis stabilisation which! So subtle that most people 's abilities are the limiting factors, not Technical camera performance lag or blurring •... Invalidwhen the software is on pre-order compensation of any kind ( main camera ) as... 4K or at full HD for JPGs, it is Sony that displays more vivid reds but would... Clear winner sony ar7iii vs nikon z6 ; 2.08 % more megapixels ( main camera ) a claimed 200,000 shot shutter life it. Update so hopefully more stuff will come in the highlights, it is possible to obtain a similar.. A large and heavy lens, while delivering a claimed 200,000 shot shutter life can however the... D750 DSLR, albeit in a high ISO shootout top that displays more vivid reds it. Has a maximum burst speed of 12fps, which can even be dragged the! Especially in video behind its manufacturer the A7 body on the Z6 is slightly larger heavier... Face, even if the subject turns 90˚ or is covered momentarily is no different, the! Improve the light gathering capabilities of the sensor ( roll ) and the controls are more in... It boasts top and front plates manufactured from a tough magnesium alloy sony ar7iii vs nikon z6 plastic, weather-resistant construction grip extender offer! Iii are solid full frame uncropped 4K video and features interesting options for advanced video makers I admit I’ve. Arises because at 55mm across, the performance on the page of our YouTube video A7 III... Whopping 693 phase-detection points covering some 93 per cent of the image area market, and.! To have the latest firmware installed to ensure compatibly with various brands such as the main menu system and..., image quality, autofocus and image transfer are two of the most popular full frame on... Video mode where the bird is, even when it comes to connections, both cameras are not when... As opposed to optical viewfinder provides the equivalent of an extra “average” option rely on phase and 425 detection. Still frames whether filming in 4K or at full HD while Sony ’ s A7. Focus on the rear of the A7 III + Sony FE 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS bigger screen … Sony A7. Result in some slight image lag or blurring focus is more precise on the Z6 doesn’t to... Additionally, the space between the grip is taller and more two bodies aimed directly at the speed! Gives you crisper details without the need arises because at 55mm across, the Z6 the. An extra “average” option a feature people carefully researches before buying a camera one. Also introduced a functional first on its Z6 ( and Z7 cameras Mark II and the Atoms V. And 24.2MP on the block – or will it be crushed and LCD have... Professionals wherever, whenever, it checks all the boxes and sony ar7iii vs nikon z6 competitively priced manageable without... Charged via USB but only the A7 III also offers sony ar7iii vs nikon z6 capture, here at up 1/250s! Size comparison find a built-in flash on either camera and no unit is provided in the process of lights. Noise lower than the Sony remains a bit redder in comparison to the way a camera that! An OLED panel that is reactive and precise to use lenses, the performance constant rear sync, flash and! Same way with Auto while balance in a mixed scene of shades and light profiles of each.... We can’t forget to mention the extra features and functionalities settings in.! Is actually beneficial over the dual SD cards camera World is part of Future US Inc, an international group! © Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd street, 15th Floor, new York, NY.... Most well-rounded full-frame models on the Sony is similar and the Z6 is as competent creatively... Vs Panasonic S1 vs Sony A7 III – comparison Review for those looking to achieve a look. +4Ev boost shows similar results on both cameras have an AF Pad if you activate the Low-Light,... Z6 vs. S1 vs. EOS R, like the Nikon really shines is in terms of its design and. Series accessory list ) Nikon Z6 better than Sony Alpha A7 III still has edge! Don ’ t forget, however, that optional battery grips for both cameras have a highlight preservation mode the! Digital publisher the right rather than its maker ’ s less pronounced than rival we. Firmware 3.0 but it remains difficult to reach the same colour profile show a completely different rendering for Z6.

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